Faculty Handbook

Leave Policies

Last updated: 6/11/1993


The following policy was approved by the Board of Trustees on June 11, 1993.

Leaves of absence, with or without pay, may be granted to faculty/academic staff members. Recommendations for leaves of absence originate in the department, school or comparable unit and must be reviewed successively by the dean and the provost, who makes the final decision. Leaves usually do not extend beyond one year.

Leaves of absence, other than for sickness or for military service, are not granted automatically but are intended for the mutual benefit of the University and the faculty/academic staff member.

Leaves will not be granted unless satisfactory arrangements are made in advance to:

Specific dates for the leave must be specified in the request and should be made as far in advance as possible. 
A faculty/academic staff member who without good cause fails to return to the University within a reasonable time after a term break, sabbatical, or other leave of absence, shall forfeit rights to further employment and shall be considered as having resigned. In such circumstances, the following procedures shall apply in lieu of the Dismissal for Cause procedures.

The Provost or designee shall inform the faculty/academic staff member that the failure to return may be treated as a resignation and provide the person with an opportunity to respond. If the faculty/academic staff member cannot be contacted after a reasonable effort, the Provost or designee shall proceed on the basis of the information available.

The Provost or designee shall decide whether the failure to return shall be considered a resignation. The faculty/academic staff member may initiate a grievance under the Faculty Grievance Policy if he or she disagrees with the Provost or designee's decision within 30 days of receipt of the Provost's or designee's decision. If a grievance is filed, the faculty member will be granted an unpaid leave during the pendency of the grievance. In the case of tenured or tenure system faculty, the initial hearing panel shall include at least three members of the University Committee on Faculty Tenure.

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