Faculty Handbook

International Hires


All faculty and academic staff who are foreign nationals are required to secure valid immigration status and work authorization before their expected start date, and maintain valid immigration status and work authorization throughout the employment.  For the limited purpose of complying with federal export control regulations, a foreign national may be required to provide information about his/her citizenship status depending on the nature of the employment activities.  If subject to federal export control regulations, the foreign national may also be required to maintain full-time employment status at MSU, confirm that his/her permanent abode throughout the period of employment is in the U.S., and sign a confidentiality agreement concerning transfer of certain technical data.  
See  22 CFR 125.4.  Prior to beginning work, all foreign nationals should contact the Office of Export Control and Trade Sanctions at (517) 432-4499 or  export@msu.edu  to ensure compliance with export control requirements.

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