Faculty Handbook

Funeral / Bereavement Leave for Faculty/Academic Staff

Revised: 3/1/2023

In the case of death of a faculty/academic staff’s family member, five days of paid time off work for the purposes of bereavement and associated activities shall be allowed. If additional time is needed, the faculty/academic staff member may make a request, in writing, to their unit's administrator, who will communicate their decision in writing. Decisions will be made in consideration of individual and unit needs. The faculty/academic staff member may appeal an adverse decision to the appropriate administrator at the next higher administrative level. The granting of such requests shall be made at the discretion of the administrator. If the additional requested time results in a total leave of more than ten working days then vacation time, as applicable, or a leave of absence without pay may be considered.

The distinction of who qualifies as a “family member” shall be made by the faculty/academic staff member, but is generally taken to mean a person to whom the faculty/academic staff member has close familial, or familial-like ties.

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