Faculty Handbook

Abrogation of Faculty Teaching Responsibility

Last updated: 6/12/1987


The following policy was accepted by the Board of Trustees on September 20, 1970 and revised on June 12, 1987:

Any member of the instructional staff2   who fails to fulfill any provision of the University's Code of Teaching Responsibility shall be held accountable.

It is the responsibility of the department chairpersons, school directors, and deans to ensure that students are provided the instruction to which they are entitled. All absences by instructional staff should be covered by other instructional staff, where possible and appropriate, so that students will not lose instructional time.

It is the responsibility of department chairpersons and school directors to determine if services have been withheld without proper cause and, if so, to report the precise details of such alleged withholding of services. This report should be made to the dean of the college, with a copy to the Provost, and should include information as to the total load of the instructional staff member so that an estimate can be made of the percentage of service that has been allegedly withheld. The Provost or designee shall review the contents of the report with the dean of the college and the applicable department chairperson/school director and shall discuss the matter with the affected instructional staff member.The Provost or his/her designee shall determine if the withholding of services was improper and may direct an appropriate deduction from the instructional staff member's salary. The instructional staff member, academic staff member, or graduate assistant shall be informed of this action in writing.

If the faculty or academic staff member believes that the action is a violation, misinterpretation, or misapplication of existing University policies and legislation, he/she may initiate a grievance under the Faculty Grievance Policy. Graduate assistants may initiate a grievance in accordance with judicial procedures stipulated in the document entitled Graduate Students' Rights and Responsibilities.


In this policy, "Provost" means "Office of the Provost" and that the Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Faculty and Academic Staff Affairs (or other administrator in the Provost's Office) has been delegated responsibility for this role in order to clearly separate any future decision making required by the Provost pursuant to the Faculty Grievance Policy with respect to implementation/enforcement of this policy.

If the instructional staff member is not available for this conference, the procedure continues without this participation by the instructional staff member. A reasonable effort shall be made by the Provost to arrange for this conference.

The term instructional staff includes tenure system faculty, graduate assistants and all other individuals holding academic personnel system appointments.

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