Faculty Handbook

Annual Evaluation of Chairpersons/Directors

Last updated: 06/13/2018


This policy was issued by the Office of the Provost on September 21, 1981, and revised on June 13, 2018.

Annual performance evaluations to assess unit administrator performance have been formally instituted in each college and separately reporting unit. Annual performance evaluations generally occur near the end of the academic year, may be combined with the annual assessment of unit administrators for merit salary adjustments, and the results of each individual evaluation should be shared with the unit administrator evaluated. All aspects of performance, including equal opportunity/affirmative action, should be evaluated for each unit administrator. No specific procedure is required for these annual performance evaluations, as approaches may vary in the colleges/separately reporting units. A copy of the evaluation instrument (criteria) currently used by each dean (director) in annual evaluations must be filed with the Office of the Provost prior to each annual cycle of evaluations. Annually, each dean or separately reporting director will be asked to inform the Office of the Provost that an annual performance evaluation for each unit administrator has been completed. Deans and separately reporting directors will retain documentation on file in their offices concerning the process and outcomes of these annual performance evaluations.  A copy of the completed review with associated documentation shall be forwarded to Faculty and Academic Staff Affairs.

For purposes of this policy, the term "unit administrator" includes the following titles:

Department Chair
School Director
Center/Institute Director
Program Director

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