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Administrators, Selection of University Level

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The following procedure was approved by the Academic Council (now referred to as University Council), as amended, on January 25, 1983; under the terms of the Bylaws for Academic Governance, section (now section of the current bylaws), it was approved by the President on April 20, 1983.

1. General Principles

1.1 The selection of University administrators is a matter of great importance to the University. The President and Provost normally seek advice on such matters through a variety of appropriate channels, individuals, and groups. Participation of faculty and students in the selection of those administrators who significantly affect the academic programs of the University is provided by the procedure described below in accord with provision of the Bylaws for Academic Governance.

1.2 The process of selecting certain University level administrators who make decisions that significantly affect the academic programs of the University shall include participation by faculty and students.

1.3 Consistent with the principle of participation by faculty and students, the President and Provost have the fundamental responsibility for initiating the selection process and seeing the process through to the end. It is the responsibility of the President to make recommendations of appointments to the Board of Trustees.

1.4 The President or the Provost will seek the advice of the Steering Committee regarding the procedure to be utilized as soon as possible when a vacancy occurs or is anticipated in one of the positions identified on lists A and B below, as an office at the University level which has responsibilities significantly affecting the academic program of the University. These lists will be reviewed periodically in consultation with the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee or the President or the Provost may propose modifications to the lists.

1.5 When advising the President or the Provost regarding a specific procedure to be used, the Steering Committee shall consult with the Faculty Senate. Consultation with the Faculty Senate shall take place prior to final Steering Committee advice to the President or the Provost.

1.6 An advisory committee will be appointed by the President or Provost to provide them with evaluations or recommendations on individuals under consideration. The Steering Committee shall advise the President or the Provost on the general composition and specific membership of the advisory committee.

2. Procedures for and Composition of Advisory Committees

2.1 The advisory committee shall consist primarily or wholly of faculty and students, and shall include women and minorities. Selected members who might be judged appropriate by the Steering Committee   may be added. All persons or groups involved in selecting or identifying the members of a special advisory committee share the responsibility of including women and minority committee members.

2.2 At the beginning of a selection process, the President or the Provost shall consult the Steering Committee on who shall have the responsibility for posting the position, receiving applications, making contacts, checking references, arranging interviews, etc. Usually, the President or designee, or the Provost or designee, will assume responsibility.

2.3 In order to assure administrative continuity and avoid unnecessary reliance on acting appointees, the selection process should be conducted expeditiously. Therefore, any advisory committee must not only be appropriately representative but small enough to work on an appropriate time schedule.

2.4 The special advisory committee and others involved in the procedure should be aware of and carefully consider current issues relevant to the position to be filled. To this end, a direct discussion or series of discussions should be undertaken with the President or the Provost to determine their view on the position and the qualifications required of candidates.

2.5 The selection process must assure that, where appropriate, the names of persons willing to be considered and related documentation shall be kept confidential.

2.6 The evaluation or recommendation of the advisory committee will be presented to the President or Provost with the candidate or candidates identified as acceptable or unacceptable and with evaluative comments about each. The President/Provost should notify the advisory committee of the decision made with respect to the person to be appointed, regardless of whether that individual was identified as acceptable or unacceptable, and then meet with the committee to explain the decision.

2.7 MSU academic hiring policies and procedures apply to these positions. The Board of Trustees' approved guidelines for hiring principal administrative personnel also apply to the positions in list A.

3. Acting Administrators

3.1 The responsibility for the appointment of acting administrators rests with the administrator to whom the acting appointee reports. The President or the Provost shall consult with the Steering Committee  regarding such appointments.

3.2 The appointment of an acting officer shall not be used by either the acting administrator or the officer to whom that person reports to bias the selection of a permanent appointee.

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