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Academic Advisement, Enrollment, Registration and Counseling

Last updated: 2/8/1966


On January 20, 1966, the Educational Policies Committee distributed a statement entitled "Policy Recommendations on Academic Advising". It included the following definitions:

Academic Advisement - Academic advisement is a continuing process in which a student and a faculty member discuss possible options; first, in the student's total educational program; second, in specific curricular fields; and third, in potential careers, in order that the student may make more intelligent choices.

Enrollment - Enrollment is a student responsibility in selecting courses for a semester schedule from the student's Academic Progress Plan previously developed but continually reviewed with the academic adviser.

Registration - Registration is the process of securing classes for which one has enrolled by payment of charges due. Completion of this process generates official University and class records for use by faculty and staff.

Counseling - Counseling is a service available from the Counseling Center to help students adjust to social and personal problems encountered while enrolled in the University, and to identify potential occupational choices.

Several policy recommendations were approved by the Academic Council on February 8, 1966, among them:

Each department shall develop a system of advisement of students within the context of the structure of the college and/or department consistent with the following:

  1. Academic advising is a responsibility of faculty, but the division of responsibility (for example, relative emphasis on graduate versus undergraduate advising, number of advisees per faculty member, etc.) should be determined through mutual agreement between faculty and deans and/or department chairpersons in each college and/or department.
  2. Excellence and effort in advising are to be recognized by chairpersons and deans, as well as by the provost, as an integral part of a faculty member's assignment.
  3. Procedural provisions are to be made at the departmental and college level for the availability of academic advisors at times in addition to those scheduled for enrollment and registration.
  4. Students are responsible for studying and knowing University, college, and department requirements as stated in the catalog. They shall also prepare tentative academic plans for review by their academic advisers.
  5. With efficient use of faculty and student time as prime considerations, all administrative offices involved in enrollment and registration should continue to develop improvements in the process.

Procedures developed by the colleges for guidance of faculty involved in student advising are available in college offices.

The Academic Programs section of the MSU Catalog contains definitive information regarding academic advisement, enrollment, registration and counseling in the pages titled "Undergraduate Education."

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