Faculty Handbook

The MSU Foundation


The Michigan State University Foundation receives and invests royalty income generated by University patents and licenses and returns funds to MSU for a variety of research purposes. For example, funding for Strategic Partnership Grants and for some awards in the Intramural Research Grants Program and the funds available for development of intellectual property are derived from the MSU Foundation. The Foundation does not directly accept proposals from MSU faculty. Recommendations for projects to receive Foundation funding are the joint responsibility of the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies. Faculty are encouraged to discuss potential proposals first with their department chairpersons and deans who will forward requests to the Provost and the VPRGS. Support for projects is often contingent on cost-sharing by the college and department involved. A portion of MSU Foundation funds supports larger projects, involving multidisciplinary collaborations, which may lead to external support for a national center of excellence. Some Foundation funds are also reserved for support of symposia and conferences. In rare cases a compelling project may be taken to the Foundation by the Provost and Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies for special consideration outside the usual allocation process.

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