Continuing Appointment System of FRIB-NSCL

01. Role and Responsibilities of CA Staff


1.1 The CA staff of the Laboratory includes three (3) ranks in each of three (3) areas designated Engineering Staff, Physics Staff, and Research Staff. The specific titles for the nine (9) categories are respectively: l) Engineering staff--Engineer FRIB, Staff Engineer FRIB, and Senior Engineer FRIB; 2) Scientist staff-- Scientist FRIB, Staff Scientist FRIB, and Senior Scientist FRIB; and 3) Research Staff --Assistant Professor FRIB, Associate Professor FRIB, and Professor FRIB. A general responsibility of staff members in all of the above categories is to conduct her/his assignment in a manner which furthers the goals and mission of the Laboratory program in a professionally responsible and ethical manner. Their contributions are generally at a strategically important level. Additionally, responsibilities of the respective groups are:

1.1.1 The role of the CA Engineering staff typically is to participate in and supervise the design, fabrication, assembly, testing and operation of advanced instrumentation systems supporting the goals of the Laboratory's research programs.

1.1.2 The role of the CA Scientist staff typically is to accomplish conceptual development, efficient implementation, and effective operation of advanced instrumentation systems of the Laboratory, including research and development on advanced instrumentation systems relevant to the future program of the Laboratory.

1.1.3 The role of the CA Research staff typically is to encompass a combination of a) independent research activities and b) contributions to the research capabilities and activities of the research group in which they are appointed.

Future additions of professional groups to the Laboratory will carry parallel titles to those professional groups listed above. Staff members in a new professional specialty will be assigned to one of the previous groups until the new category has at least five members, at which time the category will become an additional group.

1.2 Fixed-term and CA system staff are eligible to participate in laboratory business by serving on FRIB committees. The laboratory director welcomes input from all CA staff on FRIB matters.

1.3 Any CA staff member may apply for and/or act as senior investigator on sponsored research projects in accordance with established University procedures and policies. In addition, CA Research staff may act as advisors to graduate students in thesis research if concurrence is obtained from the appropriate degree-granting unit of the University.

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