Continuing Appointment System of FRIB-NSCL

13. General Conditions

13.1. CA staff are covered by all policies, rules, regulations and ordinances of Michigan State University. However, in the interest of avoiding ambiguity, it is stated that the rules of the tenure system, the Faculty Grievance Policy (except in the case of a grievance against the Laboratory Director), and the Procedure for the Dismissal of Tenured Faculty for Cause do not apply to the CA staff because separate rules and procedures covering these topics are provided in this Handbook.

From time-to-time, University policies and procedures change. In such cases, the CA Handbook will automatically be updated to reflect these changes when applicable. Changes to the CA Handbook may be proposed by any member of the CA staff or by the Laboratory administration. CA Staff must submit recommendations to the Director in writing and the recommendation must be signed by at least three CA Staff Members. After a 14 calendar day comment period, the Director will determine whether to implement the changes and announce it to the CA staff, or form a committee to review the recommendation. If a committee is to be formed, the Director will appoint a committee consisting of two CA members from each of the professional areas and two tenure system faculty members to review the proposal and make a recommendation regarding the proposed changes. The Director will review the committee's recommendations and make such changes to the proposed revisions as she/he determines necessary. Copies of the proposed revisions will then be sent to all CA staff for review and comment. After a 14 calendar day comment period, the Director will confirm or modify the proposed modifications and will forward the proposal to the Provost or designee with copies to each CA staff member. The Provost or designee will hold the proposed modifications for a period of 14 calendar days. If, during this period, written request is made to the Provost or designee by at least three CA staff, the Provost or designee will schedule a comments session with the Laboratory Director and all CA staff, to receive advice and comments on the proposed changes. Noting the comments received, the Provost or designee will confirm or modify the proposed changes and, with notification to all CA staff, modifications approved by the Provost or designee will be put into effect.

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