Continuing Appointment System of FRIB-NSCL

Appendix I: Leave Policies

A leave of absence, with or without pay, may be granted to CA staff members. Recommendations for leaves of absences originate in the Laboratory and must be reviewed successively by the Director and the Provost or designee, who makes the final decision. Leaves usually do not extend beyond one year.

Leaves of absence, other than for short-term disability, parental or for military service, are not granted automatically but are intended for the mutual benefit of the University and the CA staff member. Leaves will not be granted unless satisfactory arrangements are made in advance to:

  1. carry on the Laboratory duties of the CA staff member
  2. fulfill obligations to graduate students whose programs or theses are being directed by the CA staff member, and
  3. fulfill obligations to committee assignments

Specific dates for the leave must be specified in the request and should be made as far in advance as possible.

A CA staff member who without good cause fails to return to the University within a reasonable time (generally 5 calendar days) after a leave of absence shall forfeit rights to further employment and shall be considered as having resigned. In such circumstances, the following procedures shall apply in lieu of the Dismissal for Cause procedures.

The Provost or designee shall inform the CA staff member that the failure to return may be treated as a resignation and provide the person with an opportunity to respond. If the CA Staff member cannot be contacted after a reasonable effort, the Provost or designee shall proceed on the basis of the information available. The Provost or designee shall decide whether the failure to return shall be considered a resignation. The CA staff member may initiate a grievance under the FRIB Grievance Procedure.

1. Leaves of Absence Without Pay

Leaves of absence without pay may be granted on recommendation of the Department Head with the approval of the Director and Provost or designee. Specific dates for the leave must be specified in the request and should be made as far in advance as possible so that Laboratory program will not be interrupted. Such leaves usually do not extend beyond one year.

CA staff members should contact MSU Human Resources to make arrangements for continuation of their benefit programs.

2. Other Leaves

Requests for Military Service Leaves, Short-Term Disability (medical) Leaves (including FMLA leave), Parental Leaves, Funeral/Bereavement Leave, Jury Duty Leave, and Continuation of Benefits While on Unpaid Leave of Absence are governed by the corresponding policies located in the Faculty Handbook.

3. Vacation Leave

The University provides vacation leave to CA staff members whose appointments are on an annual basis under the following conditions:


The Laboratory is responsible for scheduling vacations in order not to interfere with its research program and to insure that each CA staff member receives the appropriate vacation allowance during the appointment period. The scheduling preferences of CA staff will be considered, but vacations must be scheduled in accordance with the requirements of the Laboratory's program.

Carry Forward

All unused vacation up to a cumulative maximum of 22 days will be carried forward from one fiscal year to the next. Time thus carried forward will be used before time granted in the new fiscal year. Vacation leave which has been carried forward is not eligible for payment in lieu of vacation.

Pay in Lieu of Vacation

Payment in lieu of vacation may be approved in cases of retirement or termination in accordance with University policy.

Vacation time provided in the current fiscal year which has not been used at the end of the fiscal year due to the request by the Laboratory will be compensated for at the rate of 0.2% of the annual salary per unused day.

To be eligible for payment in lieu of vacation, a staff member must maintain and periodically submit records of her/his working schedule, such records to be maintained in a format acceptable to the Laboratory Administration documenting the basis of the in-lieu-of-vacation payment. Neither vacation time nor pay in lieu of vacation can be granted prior to eligibility for vacation allowance. Payments for vacation not used (at the request of the Laboratory) in any fiscal year will be made in the first month of the following fiscal year.

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