Continuing Appointment System of FRIB-NSCL

02. Appointment Basis

Last updated: 09/02/2015 (details at bottom); 04/19/2023

2.1 Appointments in the CA System may be on a full-time (100%), annual year (12 month) basis or part time.  Part-time probationary or continuing appointments must be for 50% time or greater and may be recommended at the discretion of the Laboratory Director ("Director").  A recommendation to change the percent of employment requires mutual consent of the employee and the Director (note:  this provision does not apply to actions taken pursuant to Sections 10 and 11 of this Handbook).   Academic year (9 month) appointments may be recommended at the discretion of the Director.

2.2 A Foreign National holding non-immigrant status may be appointed within the CA system; however, he/she may not be given continuing appointment status in the CA system unless (a) he/she has acquired permanent resident status or U.S. citizenship or (b) he/she enters into and complies with the terms of a FRIB Continuing Appointment Agreement approved by the Provost.

Revision History

04/19/23 - removal of NSCL; update Physicist to Scientist
9/2/2015 - updates made to reference FRIB
1/14/2014 - updates made to section 2.1

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