Archivist Handbook

4.1. Professional Activities

It is important that archivists have the skills, knowledge, and commitment necessary to provide appropriate levels of service. In addition, scholarly and creative activities, as well as professional service, are significant criteria considered in the evaluation process. Therefore, professional development is an integral part of the UAHC’s efforts to fulfill its mission.

Release Time for Continuing Education

Archivists are encouraged to participate in conferences, seminars, workshops, institutes, and other short-term activities and programs designed to update their professional knowledge, competencies, and job-related skills. Attendance and participation in these programs are a normal and necessary activity. However, as attendance at meetings affects the operation of the work unit when programs are held during regular working hours, archivists must request approval from the assistant director concerning participation in these programs. Archivists may be asked to provide justification and expectations for attendance at a conference and to produce a written report afterward. Financial assistance for travel and program fees is given whenever possible and appropriate.

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