Archivist Handbook

1.1 Continuous Appointment System - Definition

Continuous appointment, as used in this statement, assures an archivist that she/he will not be dismissed due to capricious action by the UAHC administration nor will dismissal be used as a restraint on the archivist's exercise of academic freedom. Continuous appointment does not guarantee employment if positions are not funded, if there are gross violations of University or UAHC policies, if the archivist refuses to perform reasonable assigned duties or fails to fulfill contractual obligations, or if the archivist no longer renders satisfactory performance in his or her professional capacity at the University.

Appointments in the continuous appointment system are only at the ranks of Archivist I, Archivist II, or Archivist III.

Assignments for archivists involve applicable assigned duties (reference, processing, outreach, instruction, records management, electronic records management) and related professional development activities.

Archivists are appointed on an annual (AN) year basis with salaries paid in twelve monthly installments on the last working day of each month. However, the University's basic appointment commitment is to an academic year (9-month) appointment. An annual appointment is justified by the mission of the unit and the specific assigned duties and responsibilities. In the event that either the unit's mission changes and/or the specific duties and responsibilities of the position are modified so that an annual appointment is not appropriate, the appointment status will revert to an academic year appointment.

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