Affirmative Action

4.4 Writing the Position Description - Affirmative Action Searches

A specific and concrete position description will have several beneficial effects: it forces the search committee to focus on exactly what it desires in a candidate and to articulate its expectations; it provides guidelines by which applicants will be evaluated; and it encourages a self-selection process among potential applicants by allowing them to screen themselves for consideration. A well-conceived and well-written position description will also aid the search committee at the interview stage. Since interview questions must be job-related they should flow from the elements of the position description.

While position descriptions may vary widely, descriptions of academic positions which are submitted as part of the position approval process must include the following elements:

In developing a position description, it is beneficial to examine closely the requirements that have been enumerated to be certain that they are not simply the result of traditional practices but are genuine job-related activities that are necessary to perform the required duties. Rigid physical requirements, for instance, which are not necessary for a position may exclude persons with disabilities from applying.

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