Affirmative Action

7.4.3 Other Components - Affirmative Action Searches

III. Other Components 
A. Special Arrangements/Commitments:
  • laboratories and/or space;
  • equipment and operating expenses;
  • practice plan information.
  • moving expenses
    • (example for moving expenses) The University (college or department) commits to cover reasonable moving expenses up to a maximum of $10,000 (a specific amount could be included). You should be aware that, in accordance with federal tax law, payments or reimbursements for moving expenses of household goods and personal items are reportable as taxable income on Form W-2, but are not subject to income tax withholding. Tax withholding, however, is required for other kinds of moving expense reimbursements which will also be reported on Form W-2. Please see the Payroll Office website for more information.

B. Personalizing Comments: Clearly, an important part of any letter of offer are those comments that personalize the offer, provide additional information that may have been requested by the individual, and communicate a sense of enthusiasm regarding the unit's desire to have the candidate join the Michigan State University faculty.

C. Prior approval by the Office of the Provost is required for any letter of offer containing one of the following:

  • granting a probationary period for associate professors that is not four years;
  • an appointment entailing the commitment of tenure as of the effective date of appointment for an associate professor.
  • an appointment entailing the commitment of continuing appointment status as of the effective date of appointment for a senior specialist.
To obtain prior approval from the Office of the Provost, unit administrators should submit, through the dean, a proposed letter of offer, a curriculum vitae and outside letters of reference.

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