Affirmative Action

09. Moving to Michigan State University - Affirmative Action Searches

To help alleviate the cost of moving, a unit or college may pay moving and related expenses up to $10,000 with the recommendation and approval of the unit administrator and the dean. This policy applies, of course, only to individuals who are being employed by Michigan State University for the first time and who are required to relocate from their residence in another geographical area to the East Lansing/Lansing area. Generally, a minimum of two estimates should be obtained for the moving costs. The University will reimburse the individual on the basis of the lowest estimate. Exceptions to the $10,000 limit due to unusual circumstances must be made in advance of the relocation and must be approved by the unit administrator, the dean of the college and the provost.

The employee's unit must complete an "Employee Moving Expense Information" form (Exhibit 53-A), to report the amount of the reimbursement. Moving expenses for household goods and personal items processed on a direct payment voucher or on a reimbursement voucher will not have federal, state or FICA taxes withheld. Since reimbursements for moving expenses are reported as compensation and are not deductible on the Michigan individual tax return, the employee should be advised to consider adjusting his/her state tax withholding. (Sections 53.1 through 53.4 of the Manual of Business Procedures should be utilized when processing moving expenses.)

If a candidate you are attempting to recruit wishes to obtain an overview of the housing market in central Michigan, there are a number of realty firms that can provide this information, as well as give a prospective buyer or renter a tour of East Lansing/Lansing and surrounding communities. In addition, several firms can provide a search committee or a prospective faculty member with a packet of descriptive materials for acquainting an individual with East Lansing/Lansing. These complimentary packets can be sent to the search committee or directly to a prospective faculty member. 

Additional information about relocation is available from the MSU WorkLife Office.

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