Affirmative Action

7.4.2 Essential Components for Special Situations - Affirmative Action Searches

II. Essential Components for Special Situations
A. Ph.D. Not Complete: (example) This offer is contingent upon completion of the Ph.D. degree by the beginning of fall semester. If you do not complete all requirements for the degree by that time, you will be appointed as an instructor and your base salary will be reduced by 10 percent. As soon as you receive your Ph.D. degree, we will recommend promotion to the rank of assistant professor and a salary increase. (Completion of all requirements means diploma-in-hand or written verification from the dean of the graduate school of the degree-granting institution that all requirements for the Ph.D. have been completed.)

B. Fixed Term Appointments: Substitute for I.A. (example) You will be appointed at the rank of assistant professor on an academic year basis with a base salary of $25,320 payable on the last working day of each month. This is a fixed term appointment. The appointment will commence on __________, and will end on_________________. The appointment carries no presumption of academic tenure or reappointment beyond the period above. All fixed term appointments are subject to approval of the Office of the Provost; your appointment is subject to all rules, regulations and policies of the University.

C. Administrative Increment for Chairperson/Director: (example) Your salary rate on an annual year basis will be $53,108. This salary rate consists of two components: your regular nine-month salary as a full professor of $39,420 converted to an annual year basis of $48,180 and an administrative increment of $4,928 for your administrative service. At such time as you may relinquish the chairperson/director position, the administrative increment will be removed from your salary and your appointment will be converted to an academic year basis, as appropriate given the University's basic employment commitment on an academic year basis.

D. Position requires a health assessment: (example) Because your position involves [ describe the exposure to health risk ], this appointment recommendation is subject to completion of a health assessment before you begin your position. The health assessment can be administered by the Michigan State University Health Center unless, at your request, arrangements are made to have the assessment administered by your physician.

E. For all non-U.S. citizens/permanent residents: There may be laws (e.g., Export Administration Regulations and International Traffic in Arms Regulations) that limit or prohibit your employment activities because you are not a US citizen or permanent resident. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with and abide by such laws. The Office of Regulatory Affairs can provide you with information about such laws and answer any questions you may have.

F. Bringing select agents to campus: If you anticipate bringing any biological agents or toxins with you to campus, you must notify the MSU EHS Biosafety Officer at 517-355-0153. For a comprehensive list of select agents, please visit: . The registration process for select agents can take several months, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible.

G. Limit on MSU matching contribution to the 403(b) base retirement program: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) places a compensation limit on the amount of salary/wages that can be used in determining employee and employer contributions to a 403 (b) retirement plan. The salary cap, which is indexed annually for inflation, is $255,000 for 2013 and $260,000 for 2014. As applicable, offer letters should state that the University matching contribution to the MSU base retirement program is subject to the compensation limitations imposed by the IRS.

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