Affirmative Action

05. Documenting the Search - Affirmative Action Searches

All units, colleges, and the University itself, must maintain records of all individuals who apply for a position, who are hired for a position, and who are rejected for a position. Records must be kept for at least three years after the date of appointment, by mandate of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). These must be kept so that they will be available for review by the Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives (OIII) and OFCCP. The search committee determines how it will accomplish its record keeping responsibilities, including who will maintain records of the search, as well as how and where the records will be kept during the search.

An academic unit must be able to demonstrate that it has made a "good faith" effort to recruit women and minorities. Among the records that must be retained to do this are the following:

In compliance with federal rules and regulations, each unit of the University is responsible for completing the Affirmative Action Report for faculty and academic staff which documents the disposition of all candidates considered for a position.

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