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October Faculty & Academic Staff Issue

1. MSU Benefits Open Enrollment Ends October 31

2. Cover Your Spouse on Your Benefits? You Must Complete the Affidavit.

3. 2017 Campus Flu Clinics

4. Are You Chairing or Part of a Faculty Search Committee?

5. Community Charitable Campaign Kicks-off for 2017

6. MSU Security and Fire Safety Report and Drug and Alcohol Policy

7. Resources through the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

8. The Mystery behind Work-Life Balance

9. Policy Highlight: New Mediation Policy

10. MSU Empowers Students with Information to Help Prevent Sexual Violence

11. Courses for Employees at MSU System Refresh Coming

Hiring Process Notes for Search Committees

12. System Position Description Tips

13. Events at a Glance

14. What You May Have Missed on the SourceLive Blog


MSU Benefits Open Enrollment Ends October 31

2018 MSU Benefits Open Enrollment

Don't forget, Open Enrollment for your 2018 health, dental, life, Flexible Spending Accounts and optional benefits ends on Tuesday, October 31.

The Open Enrollment Benefits Fair with vendor representatives, MSU units and HR staff will be held October 17-19 at the Breslin Center. View the Open Enrollment Guide and enrollment instructions at http://www.hr.msu.edu/open-enrollment.

Cover Your Spouse on Your Benefits?
You Must Complete the Affidavit.

It is especially important to note that the health care affidavit MUST be completed during MSU Benefits Open Enrollment to cover your spouse or Other Eligible Individual (OEI) on your health benefits in 2018. If you do not complete the affidavit by October 31, 2017, your spouse or OEI will lose health care coverage for 2018 and MSU will be unable to offer COBRA as missing the enrollment period is not a qualifying event. If you do not need to make other benefit changes, you can complete 
the affidavit-only option.


2017 Campus Flu Clinics

Flu Syringe
The HealthTeam Pharmacies will again be offering flu vaccines at the MSU Benefits Fair October 17-19. Employees, retirees and their adult benefits-eligible dependents are eligible to receive a vaccine. There will be no cost to those with MSU health plans; the HealthTeam will bill insurance for the medication. Learn about flu vaccines at the fair.

The Office of the University Physician will also be offering flu clinics at various campus locations in October and November. Flu vaccines administered at the clinics will be subsidized by MSU HR for faculty, staff and retirees. They will be offered this year at no cost. The vaccine cost for non-MSU employees and students will be $30. View the flu clinic schedule.

Are You Chairing or Part of a Faculty Search Committee?

The Faculty Search Toolkit is designed to assist in conducting successful faculty searches. It provides guidance that supplements, but does not replace, the Academic Hiring Manual. It is essential to be familiar with the search requirements in the manual. In addition, the toolkit guidance and resources will help ensure that your unit’s faculty searches:

  • Comply with MSU requirements relating to searches;
  • Comply with federal and state laws;
  • Reflect the MSU core value of inclusiveness;
  • Be perceived as fair by candidates and faculty within the unit; and
  • Result in the hiring of high quality faculty (as defined by the position qualifications).

For more information, to request copies of the toolkit, or for search strategies or tools assistance, contact Academic HR at 517-353-5300, Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives at 517-353-4563 or your college’s Faculty Excellence Advocate.


Community Charitable Campaign Kicks-off for 2017

 Community Charitable Campaign

On October 31, the MSU Community Charitable Cam­paign will once again hold its annual Kick-off. This year’s Campaign theme is: BE A HERO!  Campaign volunteers will be greeted with encouraging remarks by President Simon and others in order to “kick start” the campaign with the goal of once again showcasing Team MSU as a significant partner with the Capital Area United Way in strengthening our community. Read more about the campaign here.

MSU Security and Fire Safety Report and Drug and Alcohol Policy

Each year, MSU publishes and distributes the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report to all MSU employees and students. This report is a requirement of a federal law called the Clery Act. The report contains information about reporting crimes, campus crime and fire statistics for the previous three years and information about relationship violence and sexual misconduct. It also contains the MSU Alcohol and Drug Policy, information on drug and alcohol education and counseling resources, defines prohibited behavior, and outlines violation consequences. View the policy in the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.


Resources through the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity


MSU offers faculty and academic staff a wealth of professional development resources, including the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD), founded by MSU alumna Kerry Ann Rockquemore, PhD. All faculty and academic staff who are NCFDD members have access to helpful weekly emails called Monday Motivators, webinars and multi-week courses, and 14-day writing challenges. Some topics include:

  • Writing productivity
  • Working with academic editors
  • Balancing parenting and academic life

Sign up to be a member today, free of charge.

The Mystery behind Work-Life Balance


When people at MSU talk about the WorkLife Office, it's not surprising when they often add "balance" to the end of the title. One of the major roles of the office is to help faculty and staff find the resources they need to juggle their multiple responsibilities - at work and in their personal lives. But what about this concept of "balance"? Is it just a myth, or does it really exist? Learn more about how to define balance and some tips for maintaining it.


Policy Highlight: New Mediation Policy

Disputes in the workplace can be uncomfortable and difficult to manage. At times, it may be helpful to have a neutral third party to help talk through the issues and find common ground where problems can be resolved. MSU recognizes the benefits of resolving disputes in place of or prior to filing a grievance under the Faculty Grievance Policy (FGP). This practice is known as mediation.

Administrators, faculty and academic staff subject to the FGP may choose mediation or may be referred to it by university personnel. If you are interested, contact the Faculty Grievance Office. View the full mediation policy and FAQs.


MSU Empowers Students with Information to Help Prevent Sexual Violence

MSU efforts to empower students

From an inaugural bystander training program to expanded and revamped education materials, MSU is further strengthening its efforts to prevent sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking on campus. Read more about MSU's efforts here.

Courses for MSU Employees System Refresh Coming

Starting in November, you will see a new look and navigation to the system when you search and register for Organization and Professional Development (OPD) or MSU IT courses. The refreshed system will be more user-friendly and allow easier sign-up for courses. In addition, there will be new features including Outlook calendar integration and  future course notifications. The refresh will go live in mid-November. Watch for further communications on the details of this refresh coming soon.


Hiring Process Notes for Search Committees

System Position Description Tips

The applicant tracking system requires certain items to be part of each faculty posting. Keep these tips in mind when writing the position description:

  • All applicants must upload a CV/resume and cover letter.
  • Instructions to applicants on what to upload or cover in their application should be included in Special Instructions.
  • Reference letters from referees are not requested automatically.

Grads, students, No Pays and external committee members are given access to the system manually; they cannot access it through EBS. Work with your Staffing Coordinator to ensure these individuals are given the appropriate access.


Events At A Glance



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