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In This August Issue

1. Welcome to a New Academic Year

2. Teaching Moment: How to Handle Student VISA Requests

3. The Changing World of Work: WorkLife Resources

4. Discover New Ways To Innovate and Collaborate at the Hub

5. Office of Institutional Equity Training

6. Policy Highlight: Modified Duties

7. Check Out New MSU Tech Tools To Improve Your Workflow

8. Our Commitment

9. Events at a Glance

10. What You May Have Missed on the SourceLive Blog


Welcome To A New Academic Year


Sharon E. Butler
Sharon E. Butler
Associate Vice President
for MSU Human Resources
Theodore H. Curry II
Theodore H. Curry II
Associate Provost &
Associate Vice President for
Academic Human Resources



Dear MSU faculty and academic staff,

Welcome (or welcome back) to Michigan State University! On behalf of Academic Human Resources (AHR) and MSU Human Resources (HR), we are looking forward to another exciting and productive academic year. If you are new to the university, we look forward to seeing you at orientation on August 22.

We have a couple communication-related changes to share. First, we redesigned hr.msu.edu in April 2017 and developed a new employee-focused side of the website called Spartans @ Work, with content for prospective and current faculty and academic staff. We encourage you to explore the site.

The HR Source newsletter is also changing. As a busy faculty or academic staff member, we want to make sure the most relevant and useful information is getting to you in a timely way. To better meet this goal, we are developing separate, tailored faculty and staff versions of the newsletter. Both versions will be archived on the HR website. We hope this change assists you in keeping up-to-date with internal communications.

The HR Solutions Center is your main point of contact for questions regarding benefits or employment. This team is dedicated to customer service as their number one priority. You can reach them via phone, email or in person at 110 Nisbet Building.

You also can share feedback with Sharon at hrmail@msu.edu or Terry at ahr@msu.edu.

Thank you for all you contribute to the continuing success of MSU, and accept our best wishes for a successful academic year. Spartans Will.


Sharon E. Butler

Theodore H. Curry II

Teaching Moment: How To Handle Student VISA Requests

Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities

As a faculty or academic staff member with teaching responsiblities, you may receive requests for accomodations by students with disabilities. MSU is committeed to providing equal opportunity for participation in all programs, services and activities.

When students make requests for accommodations, they should present a verified individual services accommodation (VISA) form to you. The VISA is issued by the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD) after the student has identified and registered a disability and RCPD has conducted a thorough needs assessment. Learn more about the VISA process and RCPD resources.

The Changing World of Work: WorkLife Resources

WorkLife Resources

Do you ever feel like all of your work and life duties are conspiring to make it seem like you have no time management skills whatsoever? We've felt that way before too. Don't let the start of the new academic year wear you out. Learn how the WorkLife Office can help.

Discover New Ways To Innovate and Collaborate at the Hub

The Hub


MSU's Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology offers new ways to work, a variety of physical spaces for collaboration and a group of people who can help the university create, identify and accelerate new ways to collaborate, learn, research and deliver instruction. Learn more about what the Hub offers and upcoming opportunities to explore the space.

Office of Institutional Equity Training

The Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) is responsible for reviewing alleged violations of two different policies at MSU – the Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct (RVSM) Policy and the Anti-Discrimination Policy (ADP). Faculty and academic staff at MSU are generally ALL mandatory reporters if they learn of relationship violence or sexual misconduct that occurs within the MSU campus community. Therefore, it is very important that you know your mandatory reporting responsibilities. OIE is here to assist you in that process. Every MSU employee must take the online RVSM training every two years, and you have likely completed the training. However, experience has shown that an in-person presentation for university employees further reinforces the concepts learned in the online training and puts a name/face to OIE. Your academic unit should be scheduling a presentation with OIE for this fall and we look forward to meeting with you. For more information about OIE or the Title IX Office at MSU, please go to www.oie.msu.edu and www.titleIX.msu.edu.


Policy Highlight: Modified Duties

This policy provides a mechanism for tenure system or Health Programs faculty responsible for teaching to adjust to the balance of family and professional work arising when a new child(ren) enters the home. Unlike most responsibilities, teaching responsibilities are held to a rigid schedule, whereas other responsibilities (i.e., advising, research) might provide more flexibility.

Upon request, eligible faculty who have a new child(ren) in the home under the age of six and not attending school full-time may be granted a modified workload and flexible schedule. This period is not considered a leave of absence and may be granted for up to one semester without a reduction in effort and salary. Learn more about this policy.


Check Out New MSU Tech Tools To Improve Your Workflow

MSU IT Tech Tools


MSU IT is committed to providing the best and most secure technology we can to the MSU community. We are currently making changes as we seek to improve the technology, specifically the collaborative tools, available to MSU. We have launched new tools we'd like to share with you, including Spartan 365, MSU Endpoint Security Protection and MSU Mail Protection, among others. Learn about these new tools and future upgrades here.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

MSU is committed to cultivating a safe and inclusive campus community characterized by caring and respect for others. This promise extends to you whether you are a student, faculty or staff member, patient or visitor. The Our Commitment website is intended to communicate to everyone who visits our campus the university’s commitment to fostering a culture of safety and respect. On the site, we outline specific steps MSU is taking to combat sexual assault, improve patient care and safety, and protect youth on campus. We also provide updates on the progress we are making as a community in reaching our goals; links to university resources; stories on important work being done in these areas; and information on recent high profile investigations. Visit the site to learn more.

Events At A Glance

MSU Coordination of Needs Calendar


What You May Have Missed on the SourceLive Blog

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