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Returning More Employees to On-Site Work

The following information and guidance was sent to Deans, Directors, Chairpersons and HR representatives to help transition more employees to on-site work. Additionally, workgroups with representation from faculty, staff, and graduate students are developing several recommendations for longer-term resources, support, and guidance that will be further researched and vetted over the summer.

Review Guidance for Returning to On-Site Work

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Weekly Coronavirus Communications Updates

Every week, University Communications prepares a summary of all the recent coronavirus-related information. To help employees stay up to date on announcements and activities, those summaries are now available on the Together We Will website.

Read Weekly Communication Updates


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Update to Transamerica Long-Term Care Voluntary Benefit

Effective July 1, 2021, voluntary long-term care insurance through Transamerica will no longer be offering new enrollments. If you are currently enrolled in this voluntary benefit, you may remain on the plan and continue to pay for premiums with payroll deduction.

Learn More About this Update


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Use 2020 Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Funds by June 30 

If you have unused funds in your 2020 plan year Health Care FSA, the deadline to use these funds on eligible expenses and submit receipts is June 30, 2021. This deadline is for 2020 plan year Health Care FSA funds only. As a reminder, deadlines for the 2020 plan year were extended due to the Consolidated Appropriations Act implemented by the federal government to assist during the COVID-19 emergency. 

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Campuswide Health Screening Form

The Spartan Health Screening form is universal for all faculty, staff, and student employees who are visiting campus buildings. It was created and is owned by MSU IT and the University Physician’s office. Please use this form instead of any unit-specific forms or screening processes.


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Clerical-Technical Recognition Award Nominations due July 26

Do you know an outstanding support staff employee performing clerical-technical (CT) duties? Consider nominating them for the CT Recognition Award! Individuals may be nominated by any member of the MSU community.

Award Nomination Details

Nominate Your Outstanding Supervisor by July 31

Members of the MSU community are invited to nominate a supervisor who consistently supports the work-life (professional/personal) needs of their team through positive leadership and managerial practices.

Award Nomination Details

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Dr. Barbara Roberts, Executive Director of MSU's WorkLife Office, responds to bullying myths and obstacles with research and insight. Additionally, Dr. Roberts encourages employees to review the Toward a Respectful Workplace website to learn about definitions and healthy coping strategies.

Read Dr. Robert's Article on Workplace Bullying

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Employment and Income Verification Reminder

MSU partners with The Work Number to process requests for employment and income verification. This enables people who work at MSU to receive faster decisions when shopping for mortgages, buying cars and applying for loans, jobs and certain types of government services. 

Learn How the Process Works

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Are You Procrastinating? Learn How to Increase Motivation and Take Action

Whether your procrastination is the result of perfectionism, negative thought patterns, or even boredom, there are easy changes you can make to increase your motivation and complete high-quality work without missing deadlines.

Simple Steps to Increase Your Motivation

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Recognizing and Managing Stress During Times of Change

Many of us are now preparing for a new kind of stress in anticipation of more unknowns, including potential changes in work location, expectations, tasks, and what it all means to us as employees and colleagues. Consider these tips to help you and your team get through this period of continuing uncertainty.
Find Tips and Resources to Manage Stress


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