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Weekly Coronavirus Communications Updates

Every week, University Communications prepares a summary of all the recent coronavirus-related information. To help employees stay up-to-date on announcements and activities, those summaries are now available on the Together We Will website.

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Leadership Series: Preparing for the Next Normal

As we turn our thoughts to creating the “next normal,” many will experience a new set of emotions and challenges. We might keep wishing for things to go “back to normal,” even when we intellectually know it’s not possible. Consider this information to help you prepare for an uncertain future as we begin to bring the campus back to a fuller vibrancy.

Prepare for the Next Normal


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Is it Allergies or COVID-19?

Allergy season is here, which for many means sneezing, runny nose, a cough or congestion. COVID-19 can present with many different symptoms, and after a year of social distancing, we are all being a little extra careful with any cough, sneeze or sniffle. Teladoc can help you tell the difference between allergy and COVID-19 symptoms and is available for you and your family to use 24/7 for medical care.

Allergy Symptoms vs. COVID-19 Symptoms


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Campuswide Health Screening Form

All faculty, staff, student employees and students should use the university's official health screening form. Units should use this form moving forward rather than any forms created in the unit. MSU IT and the University Physician’s office have created this form and own this information.


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Avoid or Bounce Back from Burnout

Burnout is described as a state of emotional, mental, and often physical exhaustion brought on by prolonged or repeated stress. After a year of balancing the evolving demands of remote work, childcare, social distancing, financial uncertainty, grief and more, it's not surprising that many are experiencing burnout. Please take note of resources that may help.

Bounce Back from Burnout

Cultivating and Maintaining Good Habits

Although none of us know exactly what the future looks like, now is an excellent time to consider the changes we may have made over the past year that we’d like to carry forward — perhaps prioritizing our health, creating new family traditions, or learning new skills. Find tips to help you cultivate and continue the habits that best serve you and others.

Tips to Cultivate Good Habits

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Spring Events, Activities and Learning Opportunities

Are you looking for activities this spring for you and your family that are socially distanced or virtual? From hiking trails and campus gardens to museums and online learning opportunities, we hope you and your family find something in this round-up to participate in.

Spring Events Round-Up

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Welcome to MSU: Newcomers Share their Stories

Many new employees set up a consultation with the WorkLife Office to get an introduction to the campus community and ask questions. Newcomer or not, the WorkLife Office is here to help you navigate family, career, workplace, the MSU community and beyond. Learn about some of your new colleagues at MSU and find tips and info for newcomers. 

Read MSU Newcomer Stories


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Clerical-Technical Recognition Award Nominations Due by July 26

Do you know an outstanding support staff employee performing clerical-technical (CT) duties? The Clerical-Technical Recognition Award is sponsored by the Thomas and Concettina Gliozzo Endowment Fund to recognize MSU CT employees. Individuals may be nominated by any member of the MSU community. Nominations are due by July 26, 2021.

CT Award Nomination Details


MSU Health Care Resources

April is Alcohol Awareness month with the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. As we all continue to navigate through the pandemic this is an important reminder to talk to your health care provider for help and support. MSU Health Care has primary care and psychiatry services if needed. Find resources on their website.

MSU Health Care Resources


Annual Raise for Regular CTU Support Staff

The annual raise for regular CTU support staff was processed effective 04/01/2021. The raise percentage processed was 2.75%. Regular CTU employees should see the raise reflected in their paycheck paid on 04/23/2021.

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