Graduate Assistant - Change of Status


  1. From Actions, select HR Forms: Pay & Cost Redistributions.
  2. From Select Employee Process, choose Change an Existing Appointment/Assignment.
  3. From This employee will be, choose Graduate Assistant.
  4. Click Start Employee Process.
  5. Enter the APID, and the Start Date and End Date for the Change of Status. Click the Start button to populate student data.
  6. Answer the question “Do you wish to modify an existing grad appointment?” with Yes.
  7. Select the assignment to update from the list and the desired action to perform.
    screenshot of form showing selection of assignment.
  8. Depending on the desired action/s, provide additional information if prompted. Once required data is entered, a Continue button will appear next to the Restart button.
  9. Click the Continue button to proceed with the form.
  10. All Organizational information will be provided for review and/or update, however, changes to Organization Unit is not allowed on Change of Status.
  11. Continue to Supervisor information and update the supervisor if necessary.
  12. Review the Change of Status form and select the Change of Status button.
  13. Continue reviewing the form – open the Data Changes table to observe any change made for Organizational updates.
    screenshot of screen in form showing summary changes
  14. Enter Basic Pay and update any needed Cost Distribution information. Use the Compute Cost Distribution button to validate fund entries.
  15. Click the Attachment Type dropdown to upload Offer Letter and any other required documentation.
  16. Review the form summary for accuracy and select Check.
  17. Click the Send button to start the form through workflow.

Note: the Process Reference number will be provided at the bottom of the screen..