December 2017 Software Updates

Software vendors and browser companies update their products throughout the year. This sometimes leads to temporary incompatibility between them. Below are three issues related to the EBS Portal that will hopefully be resolved later this year.

An update will be provided in summer 2018, the next time the vendor will update the software.

My Benefits Links

The first time you click a tile under the My Benefits section of the EBS Portal, it may not open. Click the “Home” icon, then try the application again. It will open.

Example of a blank screen

Firefox ESR: Browser Limitations

There are a few applications that Firefox ESR cannot run. Who is impacted by each is below:

  • Employee Data Report (supervisors)
  • FMLA Balance and Usage (supervisors)
  • Quota Balance Summary (supervisors)
  • Quota Usage Detail (supervisors)
  • HR Forms & Cost Redistributions (unit administrators)
  • Position Details & Relationships (unit administrators & unit time administrators)

Dark Buttons

In some applications, when using the help lookup (or pressing the F4 key) the toolbar appears partially as gray icons on darker gray background. The vendor is working on a fix to this issue. If you have difficulty seeing a button, hover your mouse over it to see the tooltip text, as shown below.

 Screenshot of poor contrast on buttons, demonstrating hover-over text.

Ad Hoc Approver for Pay and Cost

Similar to above, some buttons are missing in the screen where an ad hoc approver is added to a Pay Change or Cost Redistribution. However, the screen can still be used following these general steps.

  1. From the screen, lookup an approver as before. Note, you may have to scroll across the pop-up window to make the field fit.Selection Screen for Ad Hoc Approver
  2. Then, select the "Add" button (paper icon with plus sign) that is visible in the toolbar at the bottom of the window.
  3. Once the approver is added on screen, the "Continue" (white check mark on green circle) will appear. Select this to add the approver.Selection Screen for Ad Hoc Approver showing check button