Application to Retire


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The following information is provided as a guide to completing the Application to Retire form in the EBS Portal. We suggest the form be submitted at least 90 days prior to the official retirement date.

1. Required Sections on the Form

  • My Last Day Actively at Work (Support Staff only) - This should be the last day you are physically going into your work place. Please use the drop-down box to select the date or enter the date in mm/dd/yyyy format.
  • Vacation check boxes (Support Staff only) - Select the one box that applies to how you elect to be compensated for your vacation quotas. Any vacation quotas used prior to your retirement effective date need to be reported by your department in the EBS Time Management section. All vacation quotas not taken will be paid in a lump sum payment.
  • Retirement Effective Date - This is the first date you no longer are being paid, and will be your official retirement date. Please use the drop-down box to select your date or enter the date in mm/dd/yyyy format. Note: An Academic Year (AY) appointment usually results in an official retirement date of May 16.
  • Retirement Acknowledgment Box - Check this box. You are acknowledging that you have only 7 days to revoke (cancel) your retirement request.

2. Optional Sections on the Form

  • Consultantship Request (Faculty/Academic Staff only) - If eligible for a terminal consultantship year, complete the dates requested. Dates should be entered in mm/dd/yyyy format. Additional documentation, as defined on the form, will be required to be attached to the form.  (If you have problems attaching items, please contact the HR Solutions Center.)
  • Special Circumstances - Check only if you have the special circumstance that applies to your retirement request.  Additional documentation will be required.  A Leave to Retirement requires your department to complete a Leave of Absence form in EBS.
  • New Comments - This area is for employees to note additional information or concerns. (Support Staff: If you would like to defer your quotas into a supplemental retirement account, please provide this information in Comments and MSU HR will contact you regarding your request.)

3. Printing Your Form - We suggest printing two copies of your form before submitting; one for yourself and one for your department.
4. Submit Your Form - Click Send to submit the form.
Please note: To add attachments to your retirement form, scan your document,  and use the Attachment and Help Lookup bar located at the top of the form to attach the document.

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