Frequently Asked Questions Overview

The following FAQs are broken down into the different areas of the ARO project.

All About ARO

Agile Recruiting and Onboarding (ARO) is the name of the project that is implementing a new applicant tracking system and revitalizing MSU's recruiting and onboarding processes. FAQs in this section are more general overview questions related to the project.

Posting and Selection Information

This section addresses questions related to the processing of position request forms, posting schedules and applicants, as well as the screening of candidates and agency functionality.

Offers and Onboarding

This section addresses questions related to documentation that may be required to offer a candidate a position as well as information related to tasks that the unit or employee may need to complete during the first 30 days of employment.

Transition and Training

This section addresses questions related to the transition from PeopleAdmin to PageUp and what units need to be aware of regarding current postings in PeopleAdmin. This section will also address what roles and types of training will be offered to the MSU community.